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Telling your story starts with a beautiful brand and logo.

Whether you’re starting a new company, turning your hobby or side hustle into a full-time business, or looking to refresh the image of your existing business, having solid, consistent messaging and visual representation are key. These aspects are often the first or second impression people have of your business, and tell them who you are and what you’re about (and they’re nice on the eyes, too).

Branding is huge for your business because it differentiates you from others and grabs your audience’s attention. It drives everything from your logo to your content to your visuals (to say the least). Building your brand is also important because it helps your audience understand your business purpose and how you can help them. And because it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand, consistency is key!

Logos are a major part of branding. They replace words with a visual - when you see a Nike Swoosh, for example, you don’t just see the image. You associate it with athletics, endurance, and a trusted, quality product. As the visual representation of your company, you want your logo to be easily identifiable and make the right impression.

How can I help?

Let's navigate this complex digital world, together.

Stumped on a new or refreshed logo? How to brand your business effectively and efficiently? You’re not alone. It’s a lot of information to convey! Leave it to me and devote your time to running your business. I’ll work with you to understand how you’d like to see your brand reflected in the marketplace and ensure consistency in design and messaging. I’ve delivered logo and branding services for businesses throughout Kawartha Lakes - Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, Peterborough and Fenelon Falls, improving their brand representation and recognition.

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