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More than 63,000 searches take place on Google per second. And appearing on the search results pages? Google ads. You search for new socks and a list pops up, but several ads for socks are also prominently shown at the top or on the side of the first page of results. Seems like prime real estate, no? 

It is. Research tells us that 98% of searchers choose a business that is on page one of search results. Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is how you get there.

Google Ads marketing is valuable for businesses for several reasons. It might be obvious, but with an astronomical number of daily users, Google offers unmatched visibility for your business. It’s also a fast way to get in front of them. When you pay for your ads to run, they appear almost instantly. And maybe most importantly, you’re meeting people at their interests or pain points. If they’re looking for a service, product, or solution, your business is right in front of them with the answer!

Success relies on a solid understanding of the Google Ads platform, its metrics, and all the levers and pulleys working backstage to get your business to appear. It’s basically a game of strategy and therefore, there are numerous approaches to Google Ads marketing campaigns. Budget is also a huge consideration. PPC = pay-per-click, and without a strategy and close attention to spend, you’ll blow your budget in no time.

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Google Ads are tough. Let me manage them for you. You have to be an expert in your own field. You don’t have to be one on the inner workings of Google Ads and PPC advertising. Determining a well-planned keyword strategy, monitoring ad placements, and staying on top of budget are all things that I’m an expert at. I have extensive experience setting up and managing all kinds of Google Ads marketing campaigns across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re a hobby business, taking it to the next level as a startup, or moving into that small and medium size business status in Peterborough, Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon, I can help.

Google Ads is the world’s go-to for finding what they’re looking for. Connect with me for real.









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